The first day!

Deepa Seneviratne

After months of planning, we embarked on a trip to Sri Lanka in March 2013 to reconnect with family, meet our head technician, open the Dekonti studio and finally begin the process of turning this idea into reality!

First we had to bless the studio and new venture which involves boiling milk to the point of overflow at the approved auspicious time

SL-Blessing from DekontiJewelry on Vimeo.

Next, we melted a few grams of silver to kick off the first work day. We use coconut charcoal which burns hot and clean. Our head technician, Thushara, is working the oven here then does our first silver pour out of the crucible into a prepared mold.

SL-Melt from DekontiJewelry on Vimeo.

A very exciting moment!

We then feasted on some traditional Sri Lankan treats prepared by my head tech's lovely wife to celebrate the day before getting down to work.